Yerington , 89447 | 12/05/2018 | Ad id: 7-0000348942

TEMPORARY FARMWORKERS 3/4 contract hrs and the hourly rate noted below guaranteed (piece rates may apply). Additional monetary benefits may apply. Tools/supplies and, if applicable, worker housing provided. Travel costs reimbursed at 50% of contract and upon completion of contract (earlier if appropriate). 20 days experience (unless otherwise indicated*) and a reference required. To apply, contact the State Workforce Agency (SWA) below or any local SWA. JO# 458952, 1 Farm/Irrigation/Livestock Worker(s), Hunewill Land & Livestock Co., Inc., Wellington NV $11.37/hr for all duties in NV, $13.18/hr for all duties in CA, 48 hrs/wk, 1/15/2019 to 11/14/2019 Carson City, NV SWA, 775-684-0315 JO# 457489, 1 Farm/Irrigation/Livestock Worker(s), Louis Scatena Ranch, Yerington NV $11.37/hr, 39 hrs/wk, 1/1/2019 to 10/31/2019 Carson City, NV SWA, 775-684-0315 JO# 459005, 1 Livestock/Ranch Worker(s), Park Livestock Company, Gardnerville NV $10.69/hr for duties performed in NV, $13.18/hr for duties performed in CA, 49 hrs/wk, 1/15/2019 to 11/15/2019 *3 months of experience required Carson City, NV SWA, 775-684-0315 JO# 458975, 2 Farm/Irrigation/Livestock Worker(s), Park Ranch, LLC, Minden NV $10.69/hr for general farm work/irrgation, $11.37/hr for hay duties, 49 hrs/wk, 1/15/2019 to 11/1/2019 Carson City, NV SWA, 775-684-0315